Book-keeping services

We treat each Client individually and propose solutions

Cooperation with a Client starts from reviewing all Client’s affairs and assessing the one’s situation so as to apply the best work methods for one’s business from the start

Comprehensive book-keeping

We employ a team of professionals from various disciplines: book-keeping, personnel and wages, employee-related affairs, as well as tax advisory services.

Book keeping

We specialise in the so called “comprehensive book-keeping”, i.e. keeping books and generating a balance sheet.1 We keep books of accounts, also their international versions, for company branches and foreign capital companies.

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Human resources

We always separate running of personnel and wages from book-keeping. These tasks are performed by personnel, wages, and ZUS specialists appointed to a Client.

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Tax advisory services

We propose a service model developed in big corporations.Our Clients are offered not only standard book-keeping and personnel services but also comprehensive tax advisory services covering.

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Other services

In addition to accounting and payroll services, we provide consultations with a tax advisor and other business support services.
We use OCR technology, as well as additional applications available online, e.g. for invoicing, running a cash register, etc.

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We are nearly 20 years old experiences

For nearly 20 years, we have been conducting accounting for many companies, with very different business profiles.

International experience

Currently, our every other Client has cooperated with foreign companies or runs its business abroad

Support from the team

Contrary to our competitors, all Client cases are executed not by a single person but always by a team of at least three (chief accountant, personnel and wages specialist, and independent accountant).

Modern technologies

We continue to develop the possibility of a remote access.

Review of the most useful pages

We have disclosed an overview of the most useful links, especially for you

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Partners of our company

We operate based on our own knowledge and experience, but also on the knowledge and experience of our partners. This is why the benefit for you is double.

Our participation in professional self-government and economic

We use proven contacts at work for our clients business and knowledge of specialists in various field

Cooperation with audit compaines

We provide services to clients whose financial statements are subject to mandatory audits by statutory auditors.