Human resources

We always separate HR and payroll from accounting. These tasks are performed by HR, payroll and ZUS specialists appointed to serve the client.

Larger employers

We always separate payroll and HR from accounting. These tasks are performed by HR, Payroll and ZUS specialists assigned to the Client. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to “simply” compiling the monthly payroll, but are also able to perform other typical HR tasks on an ongoing basis.

PApart from maintaining the so-called personal files and employee documentation, we advise the employer on favourable forms of employment, analyse the individual situation and ensure that the obligations are fulfilled correctly.

We handle all personnel matters (certificates, holidays, dismissals, etc.) on an ongoing basis and online.

Smaller employers

We provide comprehensive HR and payroll services to all employers, including slightly smaller ones. Regulations make increased obligations (according to labour law and other acts, e.g. PFRON, ZFŚS, ZUS, PPK) dependent on the number of employees exceeding 20-25 persons. Our service is always provided to the same high standard, regardless of the size of the company.


These principles pay off in the event of any inspections or so-called conflict events. As in the case of a large company, we assign a specialist to handle HR and payroll (an accountant dedicated to the client works separately). Our main task is to secure the interests of the employer in legal terms.



Industry-specific conditions

We are able to meet special requirements – but also to take advantage of the employer’s additional entitlements – that arise from industry-specific regulations.

Medicine, welfare, transport and drivers’ work, seasonal work in construction or agriculture and many other special working conditions do not simply impose onerous obligations on the company.

Our knowledge of the regulations and our practice in dealing with other companies in a given industry have more than once enabled us to find a satisfactory solution to the problem.

Partners of our company

We operate based on our own knowledge and experience, but also on the knowledge and experience of our partners. This is why the benefit for you is double.

Our participation in professional self-government and economic

We use proven contacts at work for our clients business and knowledge of specialists in various field

Cooperation with audit compaines

We provide services to clients whose financial statements are subject to mandatory audits by statutory auditors.