Tax refund (PIT) from abroad

Services for companies are complemented by the offer for employees returning from work abroad.

On the basis of a separate power of attorney, we offer the refund of overpaid personal income tax from work in another country or payment of additional benefits due to the employee from foreign public institutions.

The internal regulations of other countries make the payment of these funds dependent on the proper preparation of the documentation in the language of the given country – we ensure not only such documents, but also the completion of all required formalities.

Have you worked abroad? We will recover the tax for you!

This applies to income earned in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, the Czech Republic or Denmark.


Partners of our company

We operate based on our own knowledge and experience, but also on the knowledge and experience of our partners. This is why the benefit for you is double.

Our participation in professional self-government and economic

We use proven contacts at work for our clients business and knowledge of specialists in various field

Cooperation with audit compaines

We provide services to clients whose financial statements are subject to mandatory audits by statutory auditors.